Naturopathic Medicine

Our Naturopathic Doctor at P.R.O. has a root cause and full body approach to wellness. Whether you are looking for an initial consult or pain specific consultation many foundations of health will be touched on. Through a 1-hour pain consult a full musculoskeletal assessment will be completed and an appropriate course of action will be determined based on findings. Our ND has a strong focus on regenerative medicine including Prolotherapy, and Peri-neural injections. All regenerative therapies work with the body’s natural healing processes to optimize your recovery times and outcomes.

Our ND is highly trained in sports nutrition and recovery. A variety of options are available to enhance your health and fitness goals through nutrition from meal planning, supplementation, vitamin injection, or intravenous nutrient therapy. Intravenous therapy is an extremely effective way to replenish nutrients, recover post-surgery, re-hydrate, help the body’s natural detoxification processes, and improve overall body and brain function. The initial consult with our ND will cover a head to toe assessment to not only design an effective treatment plan but one that works with your lifestyle and goals.

P.R.O.’s ND works closely alongside the rest of the P.R.O. team to ensure a functional treatment plan will be executed. Improving a patient’s pain or chronic condition is one thing but determining the patterns that enabled it in the first place is key.